Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My Sister

My sister had beautiful hands. Like my mother. Like mine when I was young. Long, narrow fingers, delicate wrists, nails that needed no polish just a quick file now and then. My sister had beautiful hands, and now she doesn't.

My sister had a young woman's feet. Shapely and feminine. Always ready for travel. In moccasins. Carrying her into her future with a grace she never knew she had. My sister had a young woman's feet, and now she doesn't.

My sister had a sparkle in her eye, a zest for life, dreams of a bright future. She had fun. She was fun incarnate. She drew others in with her humor, her willingness to play, the effervescence that emanated from her when she was happy. She looked to her future, her potential, her possibilities and they were endless. And she knew she could, she would, reach them. And she did. And now she doesn't.

My sister was my hero. My hope and dreams for myself. My desire to be fun, charming, witty, loved and desired. My sister was all I wished to be and wasn't.

My sister is hurt and hurts and still she smiles and looks forward and shares herself. And gives and loves but now she cries and breaks my heart. And makes me wish that I was the one. That I could take the pain and sadness and loss. Upon myself and leave her whole. Once more and joyful. With all the possibilities before her. To once again share her charm and vibrance and zest. All the things that she is. And was. And is. And she is my hero still. And more.


Jes said...

wow. this brought me to tears. beautifully done. wow.

muffy jorn said...

Omigod. You are right, I would have hit you for the least flattering picture ever. But I am still laughing and I refuse to stop. So there.
P.S. My captcha word is gratin. WTF?

Geri said...

Great tribute to your sister.

Jes said...

this pic is much better . .LOL