Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Apparently You Can Be A Predator As Long As You're Gay

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This morning I received an email from an activist group I belong to. Normally I agree with about 90% of what they stand for: environment, human rights, etc, but this one just set me off. Here's a quote from care2petitionsite - the emphasis is theirs:

"During a discussion Tuesday night on MSNBC Live with Dan Abrams about Sen. Larry Craig's (R-ID) arrest for "lewd conduct" and eventual guilty plea, Tucker Carlson described to fellow MSNBC hosts Dan Abrams and Joe Scarborough his assault on a man who he said "bothered" him in a Washington D.C. public restroom.

MSNBC has replayed some of the segment, but cropped out Carlson's comments that he "…went back with someone I knew and grabbed the guy by the -- you know, and grabbed him, and ... [h]it him against the stall with his head." Carlson's comments, coupled with laughter from Abrams and Scarborough, suggested to viewers that physical violence is an appropriate response to an unwelcome overture. This is dangerous and wrong.

MSNBC has yet to acknowledge Carlson's comments.

Tucker Carlson should apologize immediately and condemn acts of violence against gays and lesbians. Sign and add your comments now telling Carlson and MSNBC why they must state publicly that they don't find humor in or condone the physical violence Carlson described. "

So here's what frosted me.....I believe that gay people have just as many rights as straight people or perhaps I need to say, SHOULD have as many rights as straight people. Noone can control whether they are gay or straight so why penalize a person for a fact of birth? But here's what pisses me off about this situation, because you knew there had to be something.....

The article and accompanying material say that the gay man in question accosted Carlson in a bathroom. What the hell is that about? If it had been a straight man accosting a woman and she knocked the shit out of him, people would have cheered for her. The guy would have been charged with attempted rape or, at the very least, sexual assault. Who decided it was okay for gays to be predators? Noone should have to worry about being assaulted in the john, or anywhere else for that matter and if they are, they absolutely should fight back and then press charges.

It's beyond reproach that Carlson took a friend back with him to smack the guy in question and that the friend thought it was funny but I don't fault him for taking action. If we don't make a stand against predatory people, they will continue to prey on others. How many people would like to injure a pedophile? Or a rapist? What makes this scenario any different? Oh, let's see....because the predator in question was a gay man and a large segment of the press/political arena are catering to gay people to the point of stupidity.

I'm not bashing gays in any way. Gay and lesbian people have been denied rights and have been abused for ages and that has to stop. Sexual orientation should not be a determining factor in housing, insurance, employment or anything else for that matter. But on the other hand, a gay or lesbian person has no fucking right to attack someone or even to make advances upon them. Straight guys have no business grabbing at me and gay men have no business grabbing at people in the toilet. What happened to seeing if someone was interested in you before you launch into overt sexual overtures?

What the hell is going on? Why should he apologize to all gays and lesbians? ALL of them didn't accost him in a bathroom. What he should do is tell the guy who did, "Man....you're an asshole and I hope to hell you don't do that to anyone else or you're likely to get the shit kicked out of you". It's a fine lesson for that guy to learn.

If I had a friend who had a man do this to her and she did the same thing: grabbed a friend and bashed his head into a wall, I'd be cheering her and hoping the guy wound up in the hospital. The other tv guys should have been more dignified than to think it was funny - someone should have said, "Wow....that must have been creepy but at least you handled it so it wouldn't happen to someone else anytime soon". Not laugh like hormonal 15 year olds....but still, the point I come back to is, since when is it okay to be a sexual predator just because you're gay? It's not okay. It's never going to be okay. The meaning of equal rights means you are equal to everyone else....not MORE equal, not SPECIAL rights, EQUAL.....the same as me, the same as the chick down the road, the same as my bi-sexual son. You aren't special. You deserve to be equal - you don't deserve to do whatever the hell you want to do without repercussions.

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Marty said...

That's exactly it: "The meaning of equal rights means you are equal to everyone else....not MORE equal, not SPECIAL rights, EQUAL."

I would ask when you are running for Congress, but I just remembered that you are mildly agoraphobic. Damn.