Friday, January 9, 2009

Don't Blow Sunshine Up My Butt

(This is one I've copied from my other blog site so you may have read it before)

I recently read a blog wherein it says that envy is the root of all unhappiness. This is supposed to be a Qabbalistic theory. I haven't spent a lot of time reading Qabbala because, frankly, I have other more interesting things to read right now. I like a little mysticism now and then and I'll even do some airy fairy New Age crap from time to time but having owned an occult store in the past, I'm in no rush to flush my mind down yet another toilet of empty platitudes that negate the need for me to take control of my own life by placing the blame or responsibility on my past lives, some invisible omnipotent being or the bad psychic fumes in my environment.

So....envy is the root, is it? I believe I can state several examples that misprove that theory. Um, let's, it's not tough to think of one, it's tough to decide where to begin in this little game I've created for myself today.

Chronic pain causes unhappiness and not because the person is envious that other people don't have chronic pain. At that point, a person doesn't much give two shits if you have pain or not - they just don't want to have it anymore. They aren't sitting around thinking, "ya know, if Mary had chronic pain too, I wouldn't be so unhappy."

Poverty causes unhappiness too and that's usually not due to envy either. If you can't afford groceries and don't know where you'll be living when the rent comes due, you don't have an awful lot of time to be worrying about what the Jones' are doing. You're more worried about starving to death in the snow under an overpass. You aren't ruining your good mood by wishing you had a big tv like the neighbors, instead you're wishing you had a Ritz cracker and some indoor plumbing that works.

And my personal favorite, being a nutbag causes unhappiness. Or should I try political correctness since I'm paying $400, yep that's right, $400 an hour to take a class in it.....How bout this then, suffering from a mental illness often leads to unhappiness. Let's see...if you're a sobbing ball of depressed flesh laying in bed wishing you were dead, you aren't giving much thought to what others have or do or think or any other damned thing. You're thinking about where the nearest overpass is so you can drive off that bad boy and, hopefully, not smash into the poor guy underneath who just wants a cracker and a semi-clean toilet. So where does envy enter into this picture?

How's about we stop oversimplifying everything as an opiate for the masses? Maybe, just maybe, let's try looking a little bit deeper and discovering what each individual person needs in order to help themselves be happier? That's right, folks, help themselves. Cuz you don't make me unhappy - I make me unhappy and vice versa. My illness makes me unhappy and you not only can't change that, you can't do a damned thing about it either. Your individual struggles make you unhappy and I don't have a thing to do with that either.

If your life is miserable, figure out what you're doing that is contributing to it and knock it the hell off. If you're broke and out buying shit on your credit cards, STOP IT. Take some personal responsibility and stop blaming shit on other people. If your wife is a shrewish bitch, divorce her and move on. Seeing my point here?

I'm really tired of hearing and reading about how one group of people is causing so much discomfort for another. How about the unhappy people change their lives and stop looking for someone else to do it for them? How bout some other people stop saying "god/goddess/welfare/Barney the Dinosaur will provide" and go provide for their own damned selves. I taught my step-kids to take responsibility for their own actions, failures, successes and futures and they're doing fine. They don't place blame on others unless the others are actually to blame. I have respect for them. For those who place blame, I don't.

The theory of karma says that we create our own lives based upon what we do and have done in the past. All things are open to revision. So, beyond illness (and to a small degree, illness as well - go to the doctor, moron), you can change anything you wish and make your life a happier place.

So why the hell are you sitting around reading this? Go do something to improve your life and have a lovely day.


Stacey said...

I am with you on this...

Sherry W said...

I couldn't be more in agreement with you here. My granny always preached 'you make your own bed... now, don't shit in it'. Another of her favorites was 'don't shit where you eat'. My granny liked saying shit. It made her happy. It made me happy too. I carry on the tradition in her honor. Funny how sometimes it takes stating the obvious before some people can see it and amazing how some people still can't find it with both hands and written instructions. Thanks for a re-hash of some things I've misplaced lately. I needed that headbanging.