Saturday, January 3, 2009

I'm Tired of Being a Pariah

I smoke. Yep, as politically incorrect as that may be, I do it anyway. Since Nazis have taken over Illinois, I am no longer allowed to smoke in public. Well, I can but I have to stand in the middle of the street to do so. And you wonder why I don't go anywhere?

I know...smoking stinks - literally. It causes a myriad of horrible illnesses ranging from glaucoma, heart disease and emphysema to cancer. But I still smoke. One of these days I'll quit smoking and be one of those people who avoid those who do but at the moment, I smoke.

If you're a non-smoker, I won't smoke in your house. I won't stay long, but I won't smoke. Since I can't smoke in Illinois, I go to bars and restaurants in Wisconsin. I can smoke there. I don't enjoy wandering parking lots in the dark when it's 20 degrees out sucking down a smoke. Yep, it's unpleasant and in some places dangerous but I suppose I deserve to be hit over the head, raped and murdered because, heaven forbid, I smoke.

I'm the only person in my immediate family who still smokes. That in itself makes me feel like a second class citizen. All the well meaning advice and lectures in the world, while I appreciate the concern, aren't going to make me quit. They just annoy me and make me feel like a piece of shit. Thanks for your love and caring, now shut the fuck up already. I don't snort coke, mainline heroin, drink to excess, molest children or abuse animals; I smoke. My husband keeps telling people that I'm a "polite" smoker. What the hell does that mean? And why is it necessary to say in the first place? I smoke...if it bothers you that much, stay the hell away from me. If you don't bathe, I'm staying away from you. If you get stinking drunk and puke on your shoes, or mine, I'm going to avoid you too.

Most of my friends smoke and lately, that's a relief. We can go somewhere without me feeling like a total pariah. What I don't get is the push to legalize pot when I can't smoke a bloody cigarette in public. Let's do this: let's have smoking places and non-smoking places. Then you can choose which you'd like to go to and who you'd like to give your money to. I can choose to enter a non-smoking establishment knowing that I won't be smoking there and you can choose to enter a smoking establishment knowing that you will be exposed to my air pollution. Seems fair to me.

I'm ranting here. It doesn't require comments about second hand smoke or my health or any other well meaning platitudes. I smoke. Deal with it.


Sherry Williams said...

I have just recently discoverd your blog and just have to tell you I love it. I smoke too. I like beer. To top it off I'm old so I get to be told I should know better. Know what? Fuck it. I'm gonna smoke, drink and cuss for long as I can if for no other reason than because I want to. I also have livestock. Lots of dairy goats, steers, sheep, chickens and a starving pony foal I picked up at a sale last Friday. I hate people who abuse animals. I have laughed my bloody ass off at most of your entries. I swear, if I had a twin, she'd be you.

Naimhe said...

Oh you poor dear....being my twin ain't as easy as it might look. hehe