Tuesday, April 28, 2009

I Have No Title

If you've read this blog before you know that I write about animals. Mostly my animals but on occasion, animals in general. However, I wrote something really personal a short time ago and it was posted on the net, an event that made me a bit less comfortable than my usual coccoon. It also got me thinking about why I write largely about animals.

There are a couple of reasons, the most obvious being that I spend an inordinate amount of time in the company of those with four legs or feathers and very little time in the company of humans. I believe that's also why I talk to myself although that could just be because I'm on the downhill slide to insanity.

The other reason is that people suck. No, that's not very nice. (I hear my mother's voice ringing in my head here.) Perhaps I do have a bad attitude. Oh well. Too bad. But, really, a lot of people suck and has anyone else noticed that the sucky people not only seem to have no sense of humor but are also overly fond of posting comments on blogs?

I write about critters because I really like them. I like that they rarely argue and when they do, it doesn't really matter because I'm the one with the food (the grain bitch as my sister might say) and if I get tired of listening to the complaining, I can go somewhere else without repercussions. I can say, "Oh shut the hell up," and go feed someone else. Animals are consistent in their behavior. Dogs act like dogs. Cows act like cows. Goats act like dogs with hooves and horns. Chickens act like little dinosaurs and it all makes sense. Animals are not terribly confusing and, frankly, they're pretty fascinating. They don't lie, they don't say mean things for no reason, they don't cheat or steal (well not in the definition I'm talking about), they don't keep secrets, and for the most part, they just like me for no other reason than because I'm here (and I'm the grain bitch).

If someone kicks me, it's because she's scared, not because she's mean. If someone pecks me it's because I'm doing something annoying and the pecker wants me to stop it. There's no malice intended; it's just a way to communicate and it's effective. If someone is sick, while initially not wanting me to be a pest, at some point the patient comes to grasp that I'm trying to help and seems genuinely appreciative of my efforts. There's no bitching about it later.

Yeah, I know I'm a little odd what with the talking to myself and the various creatures, walking around in funny clothes with mud and some kind of shit on my shoes or jeans but if you spent your days surrounded by creatures as I do, you might find yourself with less need to treat others harshly. You might find yourself calmer and more balanced and a little more understanding of how the world works and the awesomeness of nature. You might find yourself more respectful and kind. Or you might just be muddy and smell like shit but the point remains......think about it.


Griffox said...

Ahh...you sound just like me. People are always shocked that I live alone in the country. I love all my animals and I talk talk talk to them (and myself) all the time. I'm pretty quiet around other people, though and most people either intimidate me or annoy me. When I'm around people, I get cut off and interrupted. People try to tell me how I should be doing things or what I should be spending my money on. I can't live with someone else and I know this about myself. I just need my space to be the crazy animal lady.

Your description of goats and chickens is spot on. That made me giggle.

Naimhe said...

We're twins....I'll be sure to wave next trip down your way (yes, I really do know where it is - ex was from Danville). And I'll try not to interrupt. ;) Actually that's too damned funny as I don't think I've been allowed to complete a sentence in over a year. Hubby has some impulse control issues.

Sherry W said...

The older I get, the less I'm interrupted. I wish the same hormonal crankiness and lack of caring for you in the future. My animals on the other hand have all my attention as I'd rather spend time with them than anyone else on the planet... except my children of course just in case they ever read this blog!

{{ d a n i m o }} said...

there's nothing wrong with loving animals and talking to yourself and i think you get a healthy dose of both feeding the hoofed dogs and the dinosaur chickens. hehe :) i can somewhat appreciate how you came to prefer animal to human company from your superb piece over at v/u. i hope you start posting again because i'd love to hear more about you and your adventures. :)

Mojo said...

I was just reading (again) the piece you spoke about in this post. (At least I think it's the one you're talking about.) And I can completely relate to what you're saying. I'm not surrounded by critters, not even close. But my one true friend is my dog. He's the best. The rest of you characters are totally sketchy.

And if somebody hears me talking to myself, I just say "I was talking to Tonka" and they don't think I'm quite as crazy. Unless they know me of course, in which case my secret's already out so it doesn't matter.

Oh, and your description of goats? Bang-on. I had the chance to play goat-wrangler for an afternoon last summer and learn this firsthand. They're a little more agile than most dogs I know though. Amazingly so, actually.

Chickens I don't know so much about.

Stacey said...

Love it! I just seem to remember what's important on my little farm, the critters (both 2 and 4 legged) and the simple excitement of beans and corn sprouting in the garden make me giddy! going to walmart or being out and about is just depressing sometimes, lazy drives me nuts and there's a lot of that going around...there are times for it, don't get me wrong, but not ALL the time!! ;)

OneOldGoat said...

I hear you. Animals are great and they always let you know how they feel. Like you said, a dog is a dog, a horse is a horse, and a goat is just what you posted: no hidden agenda, no expectations for their human to be something they are not. I love my little farm and after a day dealing with humans, it is nice to come home!