Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Goat Stanchions

You've probably been sent here from to see some examples of goat stanchions. If you arrived on your own, you can pop over to ATG to see the post that prompted the posting of these photos.

Naimhe's stanchion purchased from "arpindan" on eBay. He has stanchions listed most of the time for reasonable prices.

I've modified it by adding a small ramp on the ground so I can use it for goats that are too long for the platform.

Some stanchions from Hoegger Goat Supply:

This is mobile and collapsible with a simple head piece

A double stanchion for milking 2 does at a time A basic stanchion with feed bowl.
A simple stanchion with feed bowl.

Hamby offers this stanchion which would be bolted to a structure in your barn.
Remember when buying a stanchion to ensure that the platform is long enough for your largest goat or you'll need to stand your goat on the ground and may need a ramp so her head fits in the opening without choking.