Thursday, November 11, 2010

Can I Really Wear A Hat?

I love hats. I don't know why that is but I truly love hats. The problem is, I'm convinced I look stupid when I wear one so although I have a couple, the only one I ever wear is a ball cap and then only when it rains and I'm doing farm chores.

I have a handful interesting, possibly bordering on flamboyent, female friends. One is a Red Hat. Another is an artistic type from NY, Mahattan actually. They are also friends with each other even though we all live in different states. The reason I mention this is I just returned from visiting the artsy one and now I want to wear hats.

I have some Red Hat hats from when my Red Hat friend was ill. She was seriously ill - we thought she might die - so I purchased some Red Hat hats and some of us put them on and took silly photos to send to my sick friend when she awakened from her coma-like illness. She was tickled to death. So were we.

So I have these Red Hat hats and I really want to wear them. I want to drive around town wearing silly, flamboyent hats, feeling silly and flamboyent but I still have this fear of looking stupid.

I really need to spend more time with these women so I can learn, like them, to not worry so much about what other people think of my appearance and just concern myself with enjoying my life and letting my inner silliness and joy show outwardly.

I believe I'll work on that. And get the hats out of the closet.

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